What is Name Stack?

Name Stack is a tool designed around batch naming, scene management and workflow assistance.

A Little History

Name Stack is a result of years of work, in 2012 the original addon was dropped on blender heads for free called name panel, where it existed as a panel offering primitive support for batch naming, I was quite proud of it; it was my first addon in blender and one of the very first programming tasks I set out to accomplish.

Several rewrites and years later I had mostly accomplished the things I wanted out of Name Stack, and gave it the more appropriate name it is now donned, however I was not happy with the source of the tool as it had grown to some 20,000 + lines of somewhat hard to manage and navigate code, in addition Blender's 2.80 release was something to be anticipated.

So with the limitations in mind, and after acquiring much experience by working on many other noteworthy addons, I was ready to design Name Stack into the form it carries today, ready to be expanded on to my hearts content, in such a way as to remain stable and not become unruly.

I am proud of the fact that Name Stack as my first addon is still alive and well today, it can be tough to accomplish as much when the world can be so unpredictable, I intend to keep the tool alive and well for years to come.